Hip Record Label Announces Charity Compilation for SF Homeless in response to passage of Prop L

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True Panther Sounds is an awesome record label that got it’s start in San Francisco and then moved to New York City.  The good folks at True Panther  of course “left their heart” here in San Francisco and they were thrilled to see the Giants win their first ever World Series in San Francisco. To celebrate the extraordinary occassion they put together a fabulous compilation of Bay Area artists titled “Finally Champions.”

But just one day after the big victory on the baseball diamond they were very disappointed to learn of our big loss with Prop L at the ballot box.

They originally planned to give the compliation away for free but in a brilliant act of solidarity they decided to charge $1 for the compiliation and give all the proceeds to SF’s Coalition on Homelessness, “in recognition of their new challenge” in having to fight Prop L and “the inevitable rise in persecution of the city’s poor” that will result from the law.

Read all about it at the True Panther website.

SO PLEASE download your copy of this amazing compilation  now. All proceeds go the Coalition on Homelessness!

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