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6/16  Nevius’s Misplaced Attack on Campos Undermines Sit/Lie, North Beach Beyond Chron

6/15  Why Newsom loves sit-lie San Francisco Bay Guardian

6/14  Air of freedom and protest at Haight Street Fair San Francisco Chronicle

6/10 Gascón: Heed Your Own Words! Beyond Chron

6/09 Sit-lie goes down at the Board of Supervisors San Francisco Bay Guardian

5/24  Sit-Lie Passes Committee but Expected to Fail KTVU-TV

5/24  Gascon, supes at odds over sit-lie ordinance KGO-TV

5/21  Debating whether it’s a crime to rest on San Francisco’s sidewalks New York Times

5/10  Supes Postpone Decision on Sit-Lie Law SF Appeal

5/10  Sit/Lie Protest Finds City Hall Steps Barricaded NBC Bay Area

5/10  San Franciscans denounce Sit-Lie ordinance on the steps of City Hall ABC 7 TV

5/10 No Block Party in San Francisco Los Angeles Times

5/8  Seemingly Non-Existent Rebranding Effort of Sit/Lie Law Spurs Examiner Article, This Poll SF Appeal

5/4  Supervisor Proposes Alternative to Controversial Sit/Lie Ordinance San Francisco Examiner

4/29  Meet the proponents of sit/lie San Francisco Bay Guardian

4/26  Day Laborers protest San Francisco’s proposed sit/lie law New York Times

4/26  Day Laborers Protest Sit/Lie SFist

4/26 Disabled Man Tried Under Sit/Lie Beyond Chron

4/24 Day Laborers Protest Proposed Sit/Lie Ordinance San Jose Mercury News

4/24 Standing Up Against Sidewalks Restrictions NBC 11

4/24 Day Laborers Protest Sit/Lie Law CBS 5

4/24 Video: Day Laborers Protest SF Sit/Lie Law Univision

4/24 Governing Board of SF’s Democratic Party Comes Down Against Sit-Lie SF Appeal

4/23 Sit-and-Lie Opponents Staging Protest KTVU TV

4/23  Stay Tuned: The Devil’s in the Sit/Lie Details Fog City Journal

4/22  Newsom’s Sit/Lie Law Promotes Profiling Foghorn Online

4/22  DCCC: Thumbs Down on Sit/Lie San Francisco Bay Guardian

4/22  Day Laborers Link Sit/Lie to Arizona Crackdown San Francisco Bay Guardian

4/20  Criminalizing the Poor: A San Francisco Value? Huffington Post

4/16  Sit/Lie debate takes a strange new turn San Francisco Bay Guardian

4/10  Haaland to Introduce DCCC resolution opposing Sit/Lie Fog City Journal

4/10  Sit/Lie radio report The World This Weekend, CBC Radio

4/05  Momentum shifts against sit/lie San Francisco Bay Guardian

4/05  Sit-lie debate moves across the pond San Francisco Chronicle

4/05  Sit-lie debate broadcast by BBC World Service San Francisco Examiner

4/04  San Francisco goes all Prim and Proper Independent UK

4/02  Sit-Lie Clashes with San Francisco Policies San Francisco Examiner

4/01  Sit-Lie: A City Planning Issue? San Francisco Bay Guardian

3/31  Exploring Haight’s response to proposed sit-lie law SF Engage

3/29  Tea Partying and Beanbagging on Shotwell SF Streets Blog

3/29 Protesters Sit and Lie on Sidewalk So You Can Do the Same SF Weekly

3/29 Protests Mount Against Sidewalk Eviction Law NBC Bay Area

3/29  San Franciscans Stand Up Against Sit/Lie Golden Gate [X]press

3/29  Open Letter from Religous Leaders Opposing Sit/Lie Proposal Beyond Chron

3/29 Opinion: The Sit/Lie law would just allow the cops to get more aggressive towards protesters, park(ing) Day parties, sidewalk sales, or people just having fun on the sidewalk Uptown Almanac

3/29  Planning Commission to Review Proposed Sit/Lie Law San Francisco Examiner

3/29  San Francisco Stands Against  Sit/Lie SFist

3/29  Taking a Stand to Keep Sitting Legal Truthout

3/28  A Protest with Sitting, Lying, and Lemonade Mission Loc@l

3/28  San Franciscans Protest No Sit/Lie Law Wired Gypsy

3/28 Criminalizing Urban Space PrawfsBlawg

3/27  Protests in SF against Sit/Lie Law San Francisco Chronicle

3/27  Activists Protest Potential Ordinance by Sitting on the Sidewalks KTVU

3/27 No Sit and Lie Laws! Indybay

3/27  Protests of SF’s Proposed Sit/Lie Ordinance KCBS Radio

3/17   Standing up to Sit-Lie SF Streets Blog

3/17   Coming soon to a “San Francisco sidewalk near you” San Francisco Bay Guardian

3/12   Sit/Lie get skeptical reception San Francisco Bay Guardian

3/11 Sit/lie proposal raises ire Bay Area Reporter

3/09   A very different approach to the sit/lie law San Francisco Bay Guardian

3/02   Sit/Lie Dog and Pony Show Fog City Journal

1/19 Sit-Lie ordinance not the answer for the Haight San Francisco Chronicle


3/29  Sit Lie on the Haight

3/10   Alan Schlosser of the ACLU Denounces Sit/Lie Ordinance SFGTV

3/10 Debate Continues over Proposed Sit/Lie Ordinance KTVU


4/4  BBC World Service Debate between Andy Blue and Ted Lowenberg

Sit/Lie Debate between Gabriel Haaland, a longtime Haight resident, and Ted Lowenberg, president of the Haight Ashbury Improvement Association (begins at 35:10) KPFA

The Morning Show – March 26, 2010 at 7:00am

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