Our public celebrations vs. their private events with guest lists and security

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Our event . . .

Anyone fortunate enough to attend our Rally at 16th and Mission yesterday with Reverend Billy and the Church of Life After Shopping will testify to the fact (testify!) that it was an exhilarating, inspiring, warm, and welcoming celebration of public space and community.  We always invite everyone in San Francisco to participate in our events in public space and because of this they reflect the vibrant and diverse culture of our city. You’ll find loads of great coverage with dozens of great pictures and video at The GuardianFog City Journal, Mission Local, San Francisco Chronicle, Laughing Squid our Facebook page, and KTVU.  Steve Rhodes has great pics here.

Our events and the “Civil” Sidewalks campaign events couldn’t be more different.  And the differences speak volumes about the values our campaign represents versus the values their campaign represents.  Compare our amazing event yesterday in a public plaza with 200-plus attendees, with the last major “Civil” Sidewalks campaign event which was a small gathering and featured speeches by the Mayor and Police Chief.  At their private event, held at FTC Skate shop on Haight Street, the entrance was guarded by private security and police officers.  Unless you were on the guest list, you were not allowed to enter.  As we sat outside talking with them that day, they turned away a number of people who were curious about the issue.  Even a curious Haight Street merchant was told he could not attend without being on the list.

The difference couldn’t be more clear between what we’re about and what the yes on L folks are about. We want a San Francisco for everyone and they want a San Francisco only for those on their select “guest list.”

If you want a San Francisco for everyone, help us fight Prop L.  A law like this would have a devastating impact on the life and culture of our community. Contact andyblue415 at gmail dot com to find out how you can get involved in this last week of the campaign. Thank you!

. . . their event

Their events are private affairs with guest lists, security and police. Notice it’s apparently okay for them to sit on the sidewalk just not those who don’t make their “list.”

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