What a week! THREE days to go!

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Check out this GREAT ARTICLE in the Bay Citizen. It really captures the energy, love, and brilliance of this campaign and the larger community’s DIY response to the terrible demon Prop L!  We don’t know who’s been putting up those guerilla billboards around town, but we certainly understand why they’re pissed off about Prop L.

Preaching and singing in the street
This last full week of the campaign has been amazing so far. We kicked it off on Monday with a spectacular rally with the Reverend Billy and his full gospel choir. This rally was a blast and received loads of media coverage. We noted in an earlier post that it really exemplified what the values of our campaign are all about. While we hold festive celebrations in public space that are open to everyone in our city, the yes on L campaign holds private guest list only events with police and security keeping the public out.

On Wednesday, the Singers of the Street performed in the Castro and garnered loads of attention.  Be on the look out for upcoming print and radio newstories about their event.  Check out a video here.

Last Saturday we launched an absurdly ambitious campaign to get up 100 4ft X 2ft signs in just one week. This amazing city of San Francisco responded in spectacular fashion and we ended up reaching our goal in just 4 days and had to order another 100 signs. (Get your BIG-ASS sign today. We deliver!)

Jess Zack said in the Bay Citizen, "I don't think a law that restricts the rights of all citizens to use the sidewalks of their city is a tenable solution to the problem."

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